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    Mid-Summer Jaya Retreat to Vermont

    Thursday July 19 - Monday July 23
    at Good Commons, Plymouth, VT
    with Ramit, Judy and Carla

    We are thrilled to offer the Jaya community a chance to retreat to the wilds of VT every summer! Judy is coming back East to join us!

    $850 - $1150 pre-registration is required


    Sweat It Out: Summer Immersion

    Monday August 6 - Friday August 10
    7 - 8:30 am
    at Jaya Park Slope
    with a stellar cast of Jaya Teachers

    $100 for the whole week - 10% discount for auto renew $25 to drop in.

    Please join in on this yearly treat!

    We welcome you to Jaya with open hearts and open minds. We are committed to the highest quality multidimensional yogic offerings and to a continued presence in the neighborhoods we serve.
    Jaya Yoga Center: Serving Brooklyn since 2000