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Yoga Therapy: Align Your Spine
with Maya Ray

Saturday May 21, 2:00-4:00pm
$35 - pre-registration is required.

Jaya Park Slope Maya is back at Jaya with another installment of her awesome Yoga Therapy Workshop using ball rolling self massage techniques to ease muscular tension.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Information Meeting
with Joan Griffiths Vega

Sunday May 22, 12:20 - 1:15pm

Jaya Park Slope Come to find out about the forth coming MBSR 8-week course happening Thursday June 2 - July 21, 9:15am - 11:15am


Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Yoga Teachers
with Karen Schwartz, LMSW, CYT

Sunday June 12, 12:30pm - 3:30pm
$55 - pre-registration is required

Jaya Park Slope In this 3-hour workshop, yoga teachers will learn the different diagnoses of trauma, language in working with people who have experience trauma, neuroscience and attachment theory.


Mid-Summer Jaya Retreat to Vermont
with Ramit, Liz and Carla

Thursday, July 21 - Monday, July 25
$740-990 pre-registration is required.

Jaya Yoga North Join in on Jaya's annual retreat to the beautiful state of Vermont! Lots of yoga, bucolic hikes, pristine lakes, fresh air and time to take it easy.


Focus of the Month: May



May is for Mantra. The word manas refers to the mind and tra refers to an instrument. Mantra, then, is an instrument for the mind, a palpable method of ‘making our mind into an ally’. When we get literally LINKED IN to sacred sounds and slocums that have been repeated by seekers like ourselves for thousands of years we might find ourselves spontaneously joyous! This month we invite you to explore Mantra in your personal practice off the mat. Try humming Lokah Samasta to yourself while waiting on a particularly difficult line, or in a moment when the conditioned response to external events calls for something drastic. Special times require special measures. Sing a song over and over until it becomes embedded. Wake up singing, go to bed singing and share the chants that are meaningful to you. We will try to sing along!

We welcome you to Jaya with open hearts and open minds. We are committed to the highest quality multidimensional yogic offerings and to a continued presence in the neighborhoods we serve.
Jaya Yoga Center: Serving Brooklyn since 2000