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JAYA Kids Yoga Ages 4-10:
10-week Series with Kenzie Pause

Thursdays, January 15 - March 26: 3:45-4:30pm
$180 for the series

Jaya Yoga East
Please note this series skips Feb 19 due to public school vacation. No make-ups.


Poetry of the Mystics: Lover & Beloved
with Dana Flynn

Saturday, January 24: 2:00-5:00pm

Jaya Yoga East
Expect Lotus Vinyasa Flow and fun elucidations of the Sufi Poets and Yoga.


Arm Balance Workshop
with Christie Clark

Saturday, January 24: 5:45-7:45pm

Jaya Park Slope
In this workshop we will learn practical tools to help build core strength while also reflecting on the more philosophical teachings of these poses.


The Yoga of Sound:
Mantras for Healing & Transformation
with Suzin Green & Daniel Johnson

Saturday, January 31: 2:00-5:00pm
$45; pre-registration is required.

Jaya Yoga East
Learn to chant mantras that catalyze creativity, courage, compassion, and inner radiance. For students at all levels of practice, highly recommended for asana teachers.


Focus of the Month: January

Pranayama: The Breath of Life


Yogis know that the breath animates the body temple and as such, as we involve ourselves further and further in yogic practices, invariably we drop into our breath as a means to regulate our bodies inside the asana practice and further, as a means to watch our minds.

This month we explore all the beautiful Mudras—ancient and newer which add a deeper dimension to our time on the mat. Come find out what gesture the Buddha made at the moment just before Enlightenment came as he sat under the Bodhi tree. Find out which mudra is connected to the 7th limb of Patanjali’s Ashtanga 8 limbed Yoga Path put forth in his Yoga Sutras. In some classes you will find new fangled mudras, less ancient but no less potent and all month we invite you to work with your hands exploring shapes which we apply with intention and loving kindness to our practice.

The 4th limb of the 8-limbed path set forth by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutra, translates literally as prana extension or life force unfolding. Like all of the yoga practices, these techniques are for everyone at all times in our lives; young and old can start to feel the almost immediate effects of paying close attention to our breath and learning to regulate it a bit more.

This month look for elucidations on ancient practices that bring healing in modern times. Ujayi breath, our namesake, uplifting or victorious breath, is a warming pranayama which naturally creates evenness for the inhale and the exhale. Look for variations on alternate nostril breathing as well as the warming cleansing breaths called kriyas, such as Kapalabhati and Bastrika. Teachers will bring their own timely interpretations of these potent techniques to help and guide us all through winter. We look forward to breathing with you. Our breath is your breath.

In service and with love, Ramit and Carla

We welcome you to Jaya with open hearts and open minds. We are committed to the highest quality multidimensional yogic offerings and to a continued presence in the neighborhoods we serve.
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