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Lydie Kane



I have been practicing various forms of yoga since 2002 including Anusara, Astanga, and Iyengar. I never felt that I really had a “yoga home”, though, until I moved to Brooklyn in 2013 and took my first class at Jaya East. I knew instantly that I had finally landed where I belonged and I have been practicing at Jaya ever since. My classes are rooted in poetry, movement, breath, music, and good old-fashioned sweat. I believe that asana is a form of prayer offered through the body so we should make that prayer as ecstatic as possible! I am so proud and honored to be a graduating member of the Jaya Teacher Training Program of 2013. I am eternally grateful to Ramit, Carla, Judy, Sarah, David, Liz and all of the teachers at Jaya as well as the amazing sangha who continue to inspire, encourage, and guide me. They fill my life with love, light, and hope. My wish is to share all the beauty of Jaya and yoga with students. I currently teach both adults and adolescents.

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