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Carla Stangenberg, Director



In 1993 I moved to NYC. In the same week I began studying theater at NYU and practicing yoga at Jivamukti Yoga Center. While at Tisch School of the Arts I learned developmental movement for performance with Wendell Beavers. I consider Wendell my foremost movement teacher. His work brought out what felt like an innate gracefulness and confidence in being in my own body and exploring it.

Over a dozen years ago I was certified to teach at OM Yoga Center by Cyndi Lee and Jennifer Brilliant, where I learned the art of alignment based vinyasa. Since then, I have furthered my training with Rodney Yee in several Advanced Teacher Training courses, sought Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers, and have practiced with many wonderful Iyengar teachers. I am also a certified Traditional Reiki practitioner. (I will not mention my work with clown teacher Christopher Bayes, but the connection between clowning and yoga …). Currently I study with Amy Matthews in her Friday afternoon Advanced Studies courses. Amy’s approach is fascinating and her work brings me back to my movement studies at NYU.

To date, I have sat 10 silent mediation retreats in the Buddhist tradition and have gained invaluably from those experiences.

Since 2005 I have been the director of Jaya Yoga Center and have taught here since 2000. In 2010 Ramit Kreitner and I opened Jaya Yoga East,  where we share directorial duties. We opened Jaya East with the intention of serving a new community. We had our first teacher training graduation at the new studio in April 2012, a joyous event. Our next training begins September 2012.

As a teacher part of my aim is to facilitate an environment that is conducive to deep self-investigation. I also like to study philosophy, take photos, sweep, visit with my family, do a little performance here and there and stare off into space.

Jaya is for you, for your practice, for your neighborhood, for your search and to find.

Carla has recently been interviewed for the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society you can find the interview here. One correction: the Jivamukti she refers to was the one on 2nd Avenue, not the Lafayette Street location.

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